Technical details custom hockey sticks 18

Technical details custom hockey sticks 18

Our plastic player sticks are 18” in length. See template
other templates available

We provide free graphic set for your pictures on this mini hockey sticks canada. However you must supply the picture already in a collage or you have already pick out the pictures and angles you want the  mini stick to look like. If i have arrange the picture there is a $75 charge.As part of the “Free” graphic set you get one proof at no extra costs. If you need an extra proof for a change you made there is a $25 cost. The plant will not print these custom hockey sticks without a proof approved by you

Note: left black circle represents the whole, this is a one sided mini hockey sticks, Two sides available at a different price, all mini hockey sticks have the same image, so if you order 100 mini hockey sticks canada all have the same picture, image outside the dotted line is cut off



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