Custom Printed Colour Hockey Pucks Price

Custom Printed Colour Hockey Pucks Price

Units CDN Prices SetUp
6 $13.00 $25
20 $11.00 $25
50 $9.00  
100 $5.50  No $25 Set Up Fee
200 $4.00  No $25 Set Up Fee
500 $3.00  No $25 Set Up Fee
1000 $2.75  No $25 Set Up Fee

Custom Printed Colour Hockey Pucks Price from canada from 

customized plastic Printed Colour Hockey Pucks in full colour. Not just one colour, No No $25 Set Up Fee for order over 50 mini hockey sticks. As a gift or as Road Warrior street Printed Colour Hockey Pucks are from your hockey league hockey shop.  CustomPrinted Colour Hockey Pucks  Price are for Hockey Pucks to be used as a souvenirs or gifts. professionally print your artwork directly on the Hockey Pucks (no labels or stickers)


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